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Oliva Global Communications helps enterprises of all sizes manage business strategy and global communications, particularly public affairs, corporate reputation and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

The challenges of global business and policy extend to all organizations— global corporation or small startup, multilateral organization or local agency. We help executives with:

  • Linking global business and communications strategies
  • Communicating major initiatives
  • Speeches or testimony for international audiences
  • Relationships with foreign governments
  • Corporate repositioning to address issues
  • Partnerships with charitable organizations
  • Product launches for emerging markets
  • Understanding economic impact

Oliva Global offers the experience, expertise and contacts to chart your way.


CalAPEC hosting to include Women and the Economy Summit
[1 March 2011] The APEC meetings planned for this September will now include a major summit on Women and the Economy, anticipated to be chaired by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and Ambassador Melanne Verveer. "California has been a leader in leadership and economic empowerment of and by women," said Paul Oliva. "We look forward to inspiring continued economic growth and social progress by hosting this important event." More information at the CalAPEC 2011 Host Committee website.

Oliva Global-organized bid wins APEC pre-summit for California--largest high level diplomatic meeting in 60 years
[16 September 2010] In joint announcements by the State Department and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today, the California APEC 2011 committee was chosen to host the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation pre-summit in September 2011 in San Francisco. The pre-summit is more officially known as the "Third APEC Senior Officials Meeting 2011." The effort was organized by Oliva Global under the auspices of the Bay Area Council Economic Institute and CalChamber. "This event is a huge win for California," said Paul Oliva. "We'll be hosting substantive meetings that touch on all major areas of Asia-Pacific business, from a first-ever joint ministerial meeting on clean energy and transportation, to key meetings on digital prosperity, healthcare innovation, tourism, wine, green building, e-commerce, intellectual property rights, and disaster management." More information at the CalAPEC 2011 Host Committee website. A full set of the announcements is at the CalAPEC media page.

CalAPEC 2011 Advances APEC Planning
[7 September 2009] The past 12 months have been busy for the California APEC 2011 Organizing Committee organized by Oliva Global under the auspices of the Bay Area Council Economic Institute. The committee is working on attracting major APEC meetings to California and to build statewide consensus around policy objectives for 2011. Recent work has focused on policy matters, but bidding on the right to host the 30,000 attendee Leaders Week 2011 was a challenge. Paul Oliva states, "We had a very tight January 5 deadline to help California cities submit bids. Los Angeles and San Francisco produced strong proposals. We also want to see key ministerial meetings here, including the Trade Ministers and a first-ever Energy and Environmental Ministerial." Full background on CalAPEC can be found at the international portion of the CalChamber website.

Oliva Global Writes Bay Area Recovery Workplan
[5 June 2009] Economic recovery and federal stimulus funds are a top question this year. Oliva Global coordinated and wrote a Bay Area Economic Recovery Workplan under contract to the Bay Area Council Economic Institute. The work, which included solicitation and review of nearly 600 project proposals, was part of a statewide effort initiated by Secretary Dale Bonner of the California Business, Transportation, and Housing Agency. The plan and background are available online at www.bayareaeconomy.org/recovery.

San Francisco Chronicle Taps Paul Oliva As Waterfront Columnist
[20 February 2009] Sailing and waterfront development are international by virtue of history, tourism, commerce, and sport. The San Francisco Chronicle has chosen Paul Oliva to bring these stories to the general public. Oliva says the Chronicle column "lets me meld my passions for watersports and public policy. It's a dream to be on the reporting side of the media for a change and challenge my writing with one of the country's great news organizations." The articles appear Fridays in the Chronicle's Datebook section and may be found online at sfgate.com by searching "Oliva".

Paul Oliva Elected Chairman of Export Council
[3 December 2008] Paul Oliva was elected today by the Northern California District Export Council as its chair. The Council is an advisory board for the U.S. Department of Commerce, and members are appointed by the Secretary of Commerce. Oliva will serve a two-year term.

Oliva Global Announces Launch of CalAPEC 2011
[5 September 2008] At a breakfast of the CalChamber Council for International Trade featuring US Ambassador to APEC Patricia Haslach and California Undersecretary for International Trade Garrett Ashley, Paul Oliva announced formation of the California APEC 2011 Organizing Committee to bid on the US-hosted APEC meetings in 2011. The statewide committee, consisting of senior business leaders, will be housed at the Bay Area Council Economic Institute in coordination with the National Center for APEC. Oliva Global will provide all organizational, research and writing support for the committee. More information at http://calapec.olivaglobal.com.

California Space Authority Selects Oliva Global for Key Report
[28 August 2008] The California Space Authority has chosen Oliva Global to complete an extensive analysis of workforce issues affecting the global competitiveness of companies in key Southern California counties under a WIRED grant from the US Department of Labor and California Labor and Workforce Development Agency. More information on the project may be found at the Innovate California website.

Bay Area Council Names Paul Oliva as Senior Advisor
[15 February 2008] Northern California's leading business association, the Bay Area Council, has named Paul Oliva as a senior advisor, which expands our strategic communications work to include healthcare, transportation and IT industries along with key projects on bioscience, global competitiveness and international trade for the Bay Area Council Economic Institute (formerly Bay Area Economic Forum) and the Bay Area Science & Innovation Consortium (BASIC).

Proud 2008 Partner of the Sonoma Valley Film Festival
[1 March 2008] Entering our third year of supporting the amazing Sonoma Valley Film Festival, we are pleased to announce Oliva Global as an official 2008 Partner, managing all support services for film industry celebrities and VIPs. This year we are supporting the participation of Michael Keaton, along with other notables including Alan Alda, Mary Stuart Masterson, and John Ratzenberger. Go to www.sonomafilmfest.org for more info and to attend this extraordinary blend of stars, wine, food and fresh perspectives!

Schwarzenegger Administration releases international strategy
[1 January 2008] The legislatively-mandated strategy document advised and written by Paul Oliva in conjunction with the Bay Area Council Economic Institute (formerly Bay Area Economic Forum) and University of California has been officially released by the California Business, Transportation & Housing Agency. For a PDF copy, click here.

Oliva Global becomes a US Department of Commerce contractor
[14 September 2007] We are pleased to announce that Oliva Global has become officially registered as a US government contractor in conjunction with the selection of Paul Oliva to sit on a personnel review board for the US Commerce Department.

Social Networking Gets Healthy
[21 July 2007] Oliva Global client JamCore Training is demonstrating how online social networking can help people worldwide reach their fitness goals with a new site at www.myfittribe.com. My Fit Tribe is an extension of the concept we helped launch in January at www.jamcoretraining.com.

Articulating Best Practices for Information Security
[30 June 2007] Information security consinues to grow in importance, as sensitive business processes and data management are increasingly outsourced by financial services, healthcare, government and other organizations. This spring we worked with the head of information risk at SOURCECORP, a leading business process outsourcing company, to present in clear language what information security entails and how it should be achieved.

Charting a New Course for California's International Strategy
[15 June 2007] In conjunction with the Bay Area Economic Forum and University of California Office of the President, Paul Oliva was selected in April to be a primary consultant, focus group coordinator and writer for the Schwarzeneggar Administration's International Trade and Investment Strategy. The strategy, due to be presented to the Legislature by the California Business, Transportation and Housing Agency in October, will identify key potential roles for state government in leveraging the state's strategic position in global markets.

A Global Celebration of Sailing
[1 June 2007] Summer Sailstice is the global celebration of sailing during the Northern Hemisphere's longest days of the year, and we are pleased to be working with its founder, John Arndt, to expand the event. Summer Sailstice will be taking place 23-24 June (and 21-22 June in 2008), and in addition to encouraging people to enjoy the water in the environmentally-friendly mode of sailing, the event benefits youth sailing and the work of the Ocean Conservancy. Go to www.summersailstice.com for information and to sign up for prizes and activities.

Expanding Business' Voice on California International Policies
[21 May 2007] No US state has the global economic importance of California. This year Paul Oliva used his role as a director of the California Council for International Trade to chair the group's Trade Policy Forum at eBay in April, and is now spearheading a CCIT board task force to expand the voice and involvement of business on international policy issues.

Supporting Stars, Wine, Film and Fresh Perspectives - Again!
[12 April 2007] Oliva Global is once again proud to be managing on-site support for the appearances of celebrities and other VIPs at the Sonoma Valley Film Festival. This year, we are supporting the participation of an amazing and entertaining group including John Lasseter, Robin Williams, John Ratzenberger, Cheech Marin, Cheri Oteri, Emily Van Camp, Joey Pantoliano, Tony Shaloub, Ernie Hudson, Maura Tierney and Samantha Mathis. This unique festival is dedicated to finding and showing quality new films and pairing them with outstanding wines and cuisine. For more information and tickets, go to www.cinemaepicuria.org.

The Future of the San Francisco Bay Area
[8 March 2007] Once again we were pleased to support VIP involvement in the Bay Area Council's Outlook Conference held in San Francisco today. Oliva Global assisted in the involvement of luminaries including Laura D'Andrea Tyson; the mayors of Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose; humorist PJ O'Rourke; and a panel on healthcare including the heads of Kaiser Permanente, McKesson Corporation, Catholic Healthcare West, the California Labor Federation (AFL-CIO), and the California Health and Human Services Agency.

Launching a Better Way to Slim Down and Tone Up
[20 December 2006] Who doesn't want the most effective, healthiest way to look good and be well in 2007? Paul Oliva has been engaged on a consulting basis as chief marketing officer for the full commercial launch of JamCore Training, your online personal trainer that you can take with you on your iPod. It's possibly the best new way to get fit and stay healthy in 2007. Check it out at www.jamcoretraining.com.

Mapping Sales Acceleration and Making it Look Good
[20 December 2006] This week, Revenue Storm Corporation is unveiling a redesigned company website featuring a unique tool to help companies map revenue acceleration potential. The site also officially launches updated branding, including a refined logo and a redesign of corporate materials. Company co-founder LaVon Koerner, stated “We wanted to bring companies an extraordinary set of tools to assess the potential of revenue acceleration through demand creation. This site breaks new ground for the B2B sales profession and helps executives and salespeople understand how science can grow sales.” Strategy, branding and content were guided by Oliva Global Communications. Its principal, Paul V. Oliva, noted, “Revenue Storm brings a unique, comprehensive approach to growing revenue, with unbridled passion, solid tools and insightful analytics. My team and I are delighted with the refinement of Revenue Storm’s brand expression and website to convey the passion, ingenuity and credibility of the company.” See www.revenuestorm.com.

How Can Innovation Be Fostered?
[1 June 2006] We are pleased to announce that Oliva Global was chosen by the Bay Area Economic Forum under a nationwide US Department of Labor initiative called WIRED to help develop a model for fostering innovation and technology commercialization that could guide business leaders and public officials as they seek to expand US competitiveness. The project is part of a California Innovation Corridor that stretches from Northern California to the Mexico border. In addition to the innovation model, we will be helping develop a database of innovation assets and assess 21st Century talent management / workforce development issues. For more information, go to www.innovatecalifornia.net.

A New Look for Eliminating Paper
[22 October 2006] This year Oliva Global has been proud to work with one of the leading companies using document imaging to eliminate paper from notoriously paper-intensive systems such as mortgage lending, workers compensation and healthcare records. We've developed new messages, print advertising, marketing collateral and tradeshow elements for the company, which has offices in 30 domestic and international locations.

A Custom Website for Financial Services Consulting
[26 April 2006] It can be difficult for smaller consulting companies to develop an effective website. Web designers may not bring sufficient writing or business management expertise, and website writers may not have sufficient industry-specific knowledge. Global Vision Group retained Oliva Global to produce their new site and collateral, from writing to design. For a modest budget, we produced a clean site at www.gvgroup.net that tells GVGroup's story in a way that made sense for them and their clients.

Giving Voice to the San Francisco Bay Area Outlook
[18 April 2006] Oliva Global supported the Bay Area Council's prestigious annual conference, Outlook 2006, undertaking corporate outreach and on-site coordination of appearances by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the San Francisco Federal Reserve's Janet Yellen, HP CEO Mark Hurd and others. See www.bayareacouncil.org.

Supporting Stars, Wine, Film and Fresh Perspectives
[20 March 2006] Oliva Global is proud to be managing on-site support for the appearances of celebrities and other VIPs at the Sonoma Valley Film Festival. Danny Glover, John Lasseter, Tony Shaloub, Julie Delpy and Melissa Joan Hart are a few of the confirmed stars at this festival, dedicated to finding and showing quality new films and pairing them with outstanding wines and cuisine. For more information and tickets, go to www.cinemaepicuria.org.

Startups Find Their Pitch
[10 March 2006] The first year of a startup is always a challenge, and few things help define the opportunity and position the company better than producing the pitch... the core presentation, the website, the leave-behind. Oliva Global has been privileged to help four startups over the past year with the words and look to succeed. Please feel free to contact us with more information on how we can help you.

Oliva Joins Board of International Trade Group
[09 January 2006] The California Council for International Trade has named Paul V. Oliva to its board of directors. This prestigious group has played a leading role in pressing for rational, responsible rules to guide the conduct of international commerce, drive economic vitality and educate leaders, students and the general public about trade issues.

Measure Your Economic Impact
[08 Nov 2005] A massive challenge for any organisation is to speak with rigour about its positive impacts, and to undertand its negative impacts. We have built an exclusive strategic alliance with the world's foremost economic analysis firm, Global Insight, to help you quantify your economic impact—from community level to worldwide—and to communicate it. Get more information at www.globalinsight.com/economicimpact or email us.

Our Team Brings Experience and Value
[01 Nov 2005] Oliva Global offers access to experienced business and communications resources. Kim Harris is our senior brand and design consultant, Jenna Dobkin is our media relations consultant, Tom Angsten of NetKitchen is our senior web consultant, and Fran Valmana of FJ Communications helps us deliver spanish-language corporate communications services for Latin America and Europe.


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